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Welcome to the Pister group wiki!

We're figuring out how to build microrobots and related technology.

About this Site

This wiki is where our research group shares:

  • research project information (SCμM and Zappy pinouts and basic usage)
  • explanations of theoretical models (how an inchworm motor works)
  • fabrication process information (design rules and NanoLab process data)
  • user manuals for tools (wirebonder, CAD software)
  • introductory material (for new group members)

(But we set up this wiki very recently. So far, it really only contains some of our NanoLab tool process notes; we need to copy the rest of the data over. Help is welcome!)

However, this wiki can only fit a high-level overview of our research. We also:

Where to Start

Use the sidebar on the left to jump to common pages in the wiki.

For instructions on using this wiki and to get an editing account, see how to use this wiki.

If you're a new group member, welcome! See our group member onboarding page.

Single Chip MicroMote (SCuM) Ionocraft: a solid-state flying robot six-legged MEMS hexapod

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